Multi USB Bootable For Hackers

Multi USB Bootable For Hackers


70+ powerfull Hacker OS for BLACKHAT and Advanced Hackers.

This USB Is Read Only .

Automatic Daily Updates By Our Cloud Server.

In build high range wifi router and Bluetooth. upto 600 m.



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this Multi Bootable USB Device is Varry Powerfull.

Multi USB BOOT Features . 500+ PowerFull OS  For BlackHat and Advanced Hackers.

Operating Systems Lists.

  1. Windows XP Professional.
  2. Windows 7 Professional and Home Premium.
  3. Windows 8 Professional and Home Premium.
  4. Windows 10 Professional.
  5. BackTrack Latest Version .
  6. Kali Linux.
  7. BackBox
  8. Parrot-sec forensic os
  9. DEFT
  10. Live Hacking OS.
  11. Samurai Web Security Framework
  12. Network Security Toolkit (NST)
  13. Bugtraq
  14. NodeZero
  15. pentoo
  16. GnackTrack
  17. Blackbuntu
  18. Knoppix STD
  19. Weakerth4n
  20. cyborg Hawk.
  21. ophcrack
  22. Metasploit PRO
  23. Acunetix Web Vulnerabilities Scanners PRO.
  24. Nmap
  25. Wireshark
  26. OCLHashCat
  27. Nessus PRO
  28. Maltego
  29. Social-Enginner  Tool KIT PRO.
  30. Netsparker PRO
  31. w3af
  32. Burp Suite


Web Vulnerability Scanners – Burp Suite, Firebug, AppScan, OWASP Zed, Paros Proxy, Nikto, Grendel-Scan

Vulnerability Exploitation Tools – Netsparker, sqlmap, Core Impact, WebGoat, BeEF

Forensic Tools – Helix3 Pro, EnCase, Autopsy

Port Scanners – Unicornscan, NetScanTools, Angry IP Scanner

Traffic Monitoring Tools – Nagios, Ntop, Splunk, Ngrep, Argus

Debuggers – IDA Pro, WinDbg, Immunity Debugger, GDB

Rootkit Detectors – DumpSec, Tripwire, HijackThis

Encryption Tools – KeePass, OpenSSL, OpenSSH/PuTTY/SSH, Tor

Password Crackers – John the Ripper, Aircrack, Hydra, ophcrack




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