OSCelestial (JAVA & FUD)

OSCelestial (JAVA & FUD)


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OSCelestial is a home, business and school security tool designed to protect and monitor your computers. Help users through live desktop sharing tools, Stay up-to-date on your users projects and more. OSCelestial is fitted with all the tools to take you from being doubtful employer or curious parent to being the real administrator of your intellectual property. OSCelestial is perfect for any business, school or home environment as the only precursor required is JAVA or .NET 2.0.

  • .JAR and EXE stub
  • Stable
  • Multi-Platform
  • Fully Remote Access
  • Flawlessly executes on Windows, Mac and Linux.
  • UD
  • This software asks for permission before running on clients computer
Original Yes
License Duration Lifetime
Licenses 1 PC
Supported Platforms Windows, Linux & Mac

Remote Chat, Socks4/5 Proxy, Jar Injection (like RunPE for Jar), Messagebox, Keystroke logger, Website opener, Download and Execute, Upload and Execute, File Explorer (Save, Delete etc…), Stress Testing, Remote Desktop, Webcam Viewer, Password Recovery, Power Options (Shutdown, Restart etc…), Connection options (Close etc…), Startup, Process Protection, Ring3 rootkit and more.


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